Founder and President: Joyce Luo

I am a freshman at UC Berkeley interested in the fields of business, engineering, and mathematics. A chance meeting with the CEO of Hydrobee, a company that creates personal power products, sparked my enthusiasm for sustainable electricity solutions. I participated in a product design incubator for sustainable energy machines with him, and through this experience, I was able to see the full extent of the problem of electricity accessibility.

Billions of people residing in rural areas- Uganda, Tanzania, Bihar, Zambia, South Sudan- are all living in the dark. Because there is no electricity, children cannot study when the sun goes down. Mothers have to brave toxic fumes and cook over open fires. Fathers struggle with stunted business careers. And everyone suffers from living in substandard conditions as a result.

From my experience, I knew we had the technology and resources to help the poor, so I created Vesta Source. My hope is that Vesta Source act as a bridge and connect the impoverished with the tools they need to generate sustainable energy and ultimately improve their quality of life.