Our Story

Vesta Source was founded by Joyce Luo in June of 2018. We work to provide equal opportunity to the impoverished by making energy accessible. Our desire is to even the status quo and empower the poor with light, so that they can gain the tools they need to escape poverty. Our projects primarily include distributing solar lanterns, installing solar panels, and purchasing electricity generators for rural communities all around the world. All of our projects are funded through diligent community fundraisers,  as well as partnerships with product companies. We work with on-site grassroots organizations to conduct final product distributions/installations; in the past, we have partnered with Lead4Tomorrow and local church groups.

Since Vesta Source’s inception, we donated over 100 solar lights to the Maara region in Tanzania, where over half the population still live off the grid. We also raised over $1,500 USD to fund for a permanent generator in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We were able to reach over 1,000 students, farmers, teachers, village leaders, and small business owners with our light. As we continue our work, Vesta Source hopes to spread more positive impact.