Our last service trip, scheduled in partnership with Lead4Tomorrow, was originally slated for June 2020. We planned on transporting all product donations to schools in Kenya and helping locals with installation and usage. However due to COVID-19, our plans fell through. While we are still unable to send volunteers to Kenya, we are excited to announce a cargo shipment of products headed there!

On September 27th, we packaged 3 mini solar-powered electricity generators, their respective solar panels, and 90 portable solar lights in preparation for their journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The shipment will go out on October 4th, 2020, and we anticipate that it will arrive in Kenya around 2-3 weeks later, and later be distributed.

Individual families will each receive a solar light. The rechargeable, water-resistant light features a USB charging port, which will be important in helping families charge electronic devices such as cellphones. Especially in the current environment, people are experiences greater degrees of isolation. Smartphones are integral in helping people stay connected and informed, so we are very excited about sharing this feature!

The 3 electricity generators will be distributed to rural Kenyan elementary schools. One of the specific schools we look forward to helping caters to a student body comprised mostly of orphans. They have been expecting a shipment from Vesta Source since before quarantine began, so we are very thankful and excited to finally be getting our products where they can make a difference. Each generator will act as a dual lighting and charging station, providing students with better learning environments and longer study times.

**Originally published on 10/05/20; republished on 10/07/20 due to unexpected website crash.

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