Last Wednesday, on February 19th, 2020, Vesta Source had the opportunity to visit We Share Solar in Berkeley, CA to build a mini solar electricity generator. 

Watch the video documentary here!

We Share Solar is a subsidiary of We Care Solar, a non-profit organization that works to bring reliable light, mobile communication, and medical devices to healthcare workers in Africa.

Under the guidance of Program Director Wendy Cross, we built a 12-volt DC stand-alone solar system, also known as the We Share Solar Suitcase®. Inside the iconic blue shell, we found a solar charge controller, DC power receptacles, reversible terminal blocks, circuit breakers and switches, as well as lamp cords, lightbulbs, an external AGM battery, and USB adapters. Over the course of 2 hours, we assembled parts, tightened screws and washers, and tested the power supply of the suitcases with a multimeter, finishing with a successful lightbulb run-through.

The completed suitcase and two more builds-in-progresses will all be brought over to Kenya with the help of Lead4Tomorrow, to be put to use in schools and community centers.

This was an incredibly eye-opening experience for Vesta Source, as not only did we get to work hands-on to build a solar system, we were also able to communicate with We Share Solar professionals. We learned about their service trip experiences and of the widespread positive impact the Solar Suitcase brought. We are inspired by We Care Solar’s operations to support healthcare with solar, and aspire to continue working towards Vesta Source’s parallel mission of fighting poverty with dependable solar electricity accessibility!

Some pictures of the build:

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