In December, Vesta Source contacted many companies that produced solar lamps, inquiring about product donations. After a slew of emails and phone calls, we were warmly received by three companies: Watts of Love, MPOWERD, and LuminAID.

Over the holidays, each organization contributed greatly to Vesta Source, donating invalubale products just in time for our first service trip to Tanzania. Watts of Love sent us 10 solar headlamps, MPOWERD shipped over 96 solar lights, and LuminAID donated 30 refurbished waterproof solar lamps.

We are so grateful to these companies for giving over $2650 USD worth of products!

Here are some pictures showing just how efficient the lights are:


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Natraj · January 17, 2019 at 2:04 am

this is g8 🙂 i hope vesta source does well

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