This holiday season, it’s all about giving!

From December 10th to December 20th, Vesta Source hosted a coin drive at Irvington High School. We placed collection jars in around 40 classrooms and publicized the event all over the school. Over the  2 week collection period, we watched the jars slowly fill up with coins. In the end, we raised over $100 in just pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

This was a successful fundraiser for Vesta Source, but we had to work out difficulties along the way. Some issues we ran into were not having enough jars for all classrooms. We had to reach out to students, asking people to bring in empty milk gallons and bins to collect coins in. We also struggled a bit to spread the word about our fundraiser, but with the help of our members’ word of mouth and a section in the daily bulletin, people slowly became aware of what we were trying to accomplish. Lastly, counting all the coins and packaging them were a tedious task, and it was hard to keep the coin rolls accurate. However, all our hard work paid off in the end ☺️

We look forward to more coin drives in the future!

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