” 10 cookies can light up the world for an entire family. You can make it happen!”

On October 8th, 2018, Vesta Source began our fundraising campaign with an inaugural fundraiser: the classic cookie sale. We planned the fundraiser as a chance to interact with the local community to advocate solar for the impoverished, and sold cookies for $1 each, with the goal of purchasing solar lamps at $10 each.

The fundraiser was run in the Bay Area branch of our organization, and over 4 dozen cookies were baked from scratch in preparation for sales. We are proud to announce that we completely sold out before noon! The enthusiasm and demand for cookies were unprecedented, but greatly appreciated. 🙂  We were also blown away by the public’s interest in helping us to make solar power in Uganda a reality.

Thanks to the Bay Area community, Vesta Source experienced a wonderful start to our fundraising campaign. In less than one day, we raised $54. Translating this into 5 solar lamps means that 5 families will be able to access light!

Check out a few of our happy customers below!

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