Our Mission

Vesta Source is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit initiative started by high school students. We work to bridge the technology and poverty gap between urban and rural areas with sustainable solutions for light and electricity. We believe that access to stable power is a basis for creating a better quality of life, and are dedicated to providing opportunities for people leave poverty behind. Vesta Source is lighting the way by installing solar panels, generators, and lighting systems in the schools, town centers, and homes of impoverished communities.


is the cornerstone of our manifesto. Our vision of a world connected to electricity begins with it.


is what we bring to the table. With our aid, we hope that people can lead lives of higher quality and fulfillment.


is who we are. We care about what we do. Poverty is a real issue, and our way of helping is to equip those in need with electricity.

90% of sub-Saharan African primary schools lack access to electricity.

In Uganda, it is common for children to study with candles, inducing thousands of fires and burn accidents. In South Africa, over 800,000 children are hospitalized each year due to accidentally ingesting kerosene from oil lamps at school.

Electricity can prevent these unnecessary accidents and improve quality of life and education. Electricity can extend study hours, enhance learning experiences, and positively impact youth literacy rates. Electricity is the key to lifting these children out of poverty.

Here at Vesta Source, we believe in providing the impoverished with the tools they need  to empower themselves. Access to electricity is just the beginning.

Meet Our Executive Team:

Jatin Parbhu

Branch Manager, Sacramento and Northern California

Jatin is a sophomore in college. He is interested in engineering and enjoys solving problems. He chose to join Vesta Source because he wants to help enrich other lives with technology. In his free time, he plays basketball and golf and loves to work on hands on projects.

Charlotte Suh

Branch Manager, LA and Southern California

Charlotte is a senior in high school who is so enthusiastic about joining Vesta Source. She wants to make a difference by bringing sustainable power to those in need. Besides this, Charlotte is passionate about dance and loves her pet dog and cat!

Alice Shu

Branch Manager, Bay Area

Alice Shu is a senior in high school. She joined Vesta Source in hopes that Vesta Source can help people in need and improve their lives. In her free time, Alice enjoys writing for the school newspaper and watching cartoons and anime.

Check Out Our Recent Activities:

New Product Shipment Heading Out

Our last service trip, scheduled in partnership with Lead4Tomorrow, was originally slated for June 2020. We planned on transporting all product donations to schools in Kenya and helping locals with installation and usage. However due to COVID-19, our plans fell through. While we are still unable to send volunteers to Kenya, we are excited to announce a cargo shipment of products headed there!

Doing Our Part During COVID-19

Hello All, During this time of quarantine, Vesta Source is unable to carry out in-person activities, but we have been continuing to make products for our online store from home. Beginning today, we have decided Read more…